Winning image

We are the champions

3rd October, 2022

We are very proud that John Russell from the Rawlins lab won best poster and the image competition at the 2022 Gurdon Institute retreat. We also all had lots of fun – many thanks to the organisers!

With the Hagirawa lab

We'll meet again

21st September, 2022

Just said goodbye to the Hagiwara lab after a very productive meeting in Cambridge – looking forward to meeting again, next time in Riken!

Bowling with Dawei

Farewell Dawei!

19th September, 2022

It was sad to say farewell to Dawei Sun after his incredibly successful PhD, but we are delighted to see his most recent 1st author PhD manuscript published in EMBO Journal. (Two down; one to go!)

Dawei and Lucia

Doctor in the Lab

21st October, 2020

No, this is not about a new comedy to watch on TV although the choice of photographs is a bit misleading. Dawei (left) and Lucia (right) passed their vivas. Dawei has not had his graduation ceremony yet, but Lucia has, via video conferencing. Congratulations are in order, and as you can see we are quite excited. Dawei's photo was taken just before a Christmas party back in 2018. Lucia's was taken from her home.

zoom meeting photo

Staying at home

23rd April, 2020

We have been working from home for a month now. This week we e-welcomed two new postdocs at our weekly remote lab meeting.